the vineyard

The wine making follows a family tradition that has been alive for three generations. Piantagrossa consist of four mere hectares of vineyards, perched on the incredibly steep slopes of the Donnas and St-Martin Mountains at 450/500 meter above sea level, held up by the 500 years old dry walls from where everything has to be done manually, including the transport of the raisins with back crates down to the cellars.

The soil is of morainic origins, sandy and rich of organic matter that allows the Nebbiolo to express the unique soul of its terroir: proper drainage, ideal level of humidity, a balanced biological life underground and a root system that has to go deep to extract minerals and nutrients.

This allows Piantagrossa to conduct a true natural agriculture, without need for any irrigation, chemical treatments or use of pesticides. The insect control is in fact carried out entirely with sustainable natural methods with an almost maniacal attention to the respect of the environment.

Luciano at Piantagrossa is considered to be the first individual private person to operate the full wine pipeline, farming, wine-making, ageing and bottling under the denominations DOC Nebbiolo and DOC Donnas.