winemaker in Donnas

“We are one of youngest winemakers in the Aosta Valley but we are strongly rooted in the ancient past"

Luciano Zoppo Ronzero

For 396 years, the horse chestnut had grown in the courtyard of an old farm house, becoming more and more imposing. In fact the whole property was commonly known as Pianta Grossa, the big tree. In 2009, due to an illness, the giant of 25-meter had to be chopped down. To make sure the powerful tree would continue to influence the place, Luciano, 2014, decided to call his newly founded winery Piantagrossa. The seed of history and tradition were already there, Luciano and his family being rooted since generations in the poetry of the heroic wine making of the alps of Valle D’Aosta.

Behind the farm house the mountains rise up, hosting the family vineyards. Here Nebbiolo Picotendro is cultivated on incredibly steep pergola terraces, held up by the 500 years old dry walls.

The wines made here at Piantagrossa, are reflecting indeed the stature and strength of that old horse chestnut.